Automatic Google Fonts Embedder

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Our plugin "Automatic Google Fonts Embedder for WordPress" solves automatically, within a few seconds and without complex work the problem with the Google Font Integration, which in most WordPress themes and plugins are not embedded locally, but via Google servers. Please note our explanations about liability and system requirements, which you can find in the article description below.

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Automatic Google Font Embedder

Our plugin "Automatic Google Fonts Embedder for WordPress" solves automatically, within a few seconds and without complex work the problem with the Google Font integration, which in most WordPress themes and plugins are not integrated locally, but via Google servers. The non-local integration (i.e. via the Google CDN) of Google Fonts is not in compliance with the GDPR. The "Automatic Google Fonts Embedder" plugin automatically detects the Google Fonts embedded in WordPress, downloads them automatically in the background and embeds the Google Fonts locally.

Support for WordPress & WooCommerce themes as well as all popular page builders:

Support for most WordPress & WooCommerce themes and plugins as well as all popular page builders:

Feature Overview:

  • Automated local integration of Google Fonts
  • Automated font recognition
  • Easy handling & error detection
  • Content blocker for third-party content
  • Extensive German-language help database and support

No complex configuration or major manual action is required. The plugin works with the "WP_Dependencies" system and scans the styles registered there for Google Fonts and ensures the appropriate local integration and exchange of the CSS files.

The WP_Dependencies are the official and correct way to include CSS files and therefore Google Fonts in WordPress. Due to the standardization of this interface, our plugin works with almost all themes, plugins and page builders, which usually also use this interface for fonts and style files.

Furthermore, the latest version of the plugin also recognizes Google Fonts that are reloaded via the WebFontLoader or written hard into the HTML code of the theme or customizer. Thus, the plugin covers the widest range of sources for Google Fonts and can reliably detect them, download them automatically and embed them locally.

WordPress plugin: Automatic Google Fonts Embedder
WordPress Plugin: Automatic Google Fonts Embedder Dashboard
WordPress plugin: Automatic Google Fonts Embedder
WordPress plugin: Automatic Google Fonts Embedder - settings

Software requirements:

  • WordPress version 5.2+ or newer
  • PHP version 7.2+ or newer (PHP 8.x is supported)
  • Works only with Google Fonts which are registered in WordPress via wp_register_style / wp_enqueue_style

Depending on the amount of Google Fonts used, the PHP max_execution_time and memory_limit requirement may vary.

More fonts require more resources for downloading and processing. We recommend a max_execution_time of at least 60 seconds and a memory_limit of at least 128MB.

License information:

Depending on the license, the software may be used on different many WordPress installations. As one WordPress website we define one WordPress installation with one domain. If you use e.g. a multisite system, the amount of sub-sites counts, if they have their own domains.

Each license includes support via email and access to updates for a period of one year from purchase. If you need support or access to updates after this period, the license must be extended manually.

The renewal is manual, it is not a subscription and there is no automatic renewal.

Of course, you can continue to use the software for an unlimited period of time, even beyond the one-year period. However, as already mentioned, you will receive neither security updates nor function or compatibility updates afterwards.


1. general
We as well as our legal representatives and vicarious agents shall only be liable for intent as well as gross negligence and, insofar as essential contractual obligations (consequently such obligations whose compliance is of particular importance for the achievement of the purpose of the contract) are concerned, also for slight negligence. Liability for gross and slight negligence shall be limited to the foreseeable damage typical for the contract.

2. disclaimer
Please be sure to note the "Software Requirements" for the use of our plugin as well as the duration within which you will receive security updates, functional or compatibility updates for the plugin. You can find this information in the item description.

After each use of our plugin, you must independently check whether Google Fonts have been removed without residue. You can use the following tools for this purpose, for example:

We are only liable for damages for which we are responsible or which fall within our area of responsibility (e.g. not for cases in which you have failed to update your system or the included plugins and as a result incompatibilities with our plugin occur or you insert non-WordPress components that interfere with our plugin or if you do not meet the "Software Requirements").

Please check after each new plugin installation, as described before, that Google Fonts are not still loaded by plugins or other components.

Also check after each update in your WordPress system if our plugin works correctly. The independent check whether the website still loads Google Fonts also has to be done by you after each update via the previously mentioned tools.
The warranty law and the other liability rules are not affected by this.

3. reservation of liability
The above exclusion of liability (No. 1 and 2) does not apply to liability for damages arising from injury to life, limb or health. The provisions of the Product Liability Act shall also remain unaffected by this exclusion of liability.

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