WordPress for makers and users - from beginner to pro

Complete course: From zero to the finished website with WordPress, without prior knowledge! - WordPress premium theme included!

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This is what you will learn in the online course
  • Practical introduction to WordPress without programming knowledge
  • You will learn the complete creation process from installation to setting up the full website
  • Helpful tips about SEO, security and plugins
  • Only practical plugins and themes are presented
  • You get a free premium theme with Visual Composer to get started right away with your own website
  • Brand new: The course is optimized for the current WordPress version and will be updated continuously!

You want to get started with your own WordPress website or blog, but you are still a beginner? You want Step by step into WordPress practice be introduced? You want to acquire real practical knowledge from professionals from the installation to the daily work to the extension of your WordPress website? Explained in a simple and understandable way, so that you can follow every step directly? Then this 11-hour practical course just the right thing for you to get off to a practical start.

The entire course is structured so that you can quickly and directly put your acquired knowledge into practice. No important step is skipped. You will be guided piece by piece to your own blog or website. From the booking of the web space, to the installation of WordPress to the setup - you get professional WordPress knowledge directly from the practice.

To get started perfectly with your own WordPress website, you will also receive a WordPress Premium Theme. Free of charge!
Additionally there is a voucher for 6 months free WordPress web hosting & domain + 5€ discount on the first web hosting invoice.

Your WordPress course at a glance:

  • The easy entry into the most popular CMS in the world - practically explained step by step
  • Installation, administration, content management, themes, plugins and security
  • WordPress SEO - so you will be found and stand at the front of Google
  • No programming knowledge necessary
  • Monetization tips; Earn money with your own website
  • Email marketing with own newsletter, free of charge on WordPress basis
  • Implementation of a WordPress website from A to Z
  • Practical video course with many real examples, popular themes and important plugins to extend the website
  • The course is constantly updated, so you are always up-to-date

Overview of topics and content:

1. introduction
To get started, you'll get basic information about the course, your instructor, and some WordPress basics you absolutely need to know.

2. preparations and installation
How to order and configure your web space and install WordPress on it. I will guide you step by step through the installation.

3. the WordPress interface and functions
You will learn all the basics to be able to use WordPress and be prepared for your daily work.

4. themes
I'll explain what themes are, show you the best places to get them and together we'll install one of the most used premium themes for WordPress.

5. create website with Leedeo
You get the WordPress premium theme Leedeo for free with this course. We explain you how to install it, use it and show you the most important functions.

6. plugins & SEO knowledge
I show you the 8 most important plugins to extend WordPress and give you basic WordPress SEO knowledge to be at the top of Google & Co.

7. WordPress website from A to Z
Together we apply what we have learned so far and implement a complete website. In addition, I show you helpful tips and tricks from practice.

8. email marketing with own newsletter
Newsletters can be a valuable marketing tool. I show you the complete setup up to sending the first email.

9. backups and security
You will learn how to create backups in case of emergency, how to install important updates and how to secure your WordPress website against attacks.

10. earn money with own website & bonus content
I'll give you tips on how to monetize your website to start earning revenue. Additionally you will get some bonus content.

11. network
Even after completing the online course, I won't leave you alone. You are now part of a community and can network with other course participants and me.

12. updates included
The course is constantly updated and already includes information about WordPress 5.x and the new Gutenberg editor.
The updates are provided free of charge to all participants of the course.

Kapitel & Inhalte in diesem Kurs

Plugins for WordPress

Plugins are functional extensions for WordPress, with the help of which the system can be extended by countless features. With plugins you can get even more out of WordPress and extend popular functions.


A complete website from A to Z

Let's summarize and bring together the individual components! In this lesson you will learn once again step-by-step and from the beginning how to create a complete website from A to Z.


WordPress updates

Was there an important update for WordPress? Then the course will be updated and you will learn here which interesting innovations there are in WordPress.



If you've made it this far, you've internalized over 11.5 hours of concentrated knowledge! Congratulations, I hope you enjoyed the course. Here are some final words.